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The Grenville Troubadours

The Grenville Troubadours is a collection of musicians and musical theatre folks who perform Sing-Along shows that are great fun.

Performing alongside Tripoly, the Troubadours create themed shows of the highest quality.

The current themed shows that they have available:


Comfort and Joy is a wonderful collection of music and dramatic readings with material drawn from many different sources and is sure to spark joy in the hearts of audiences.


Songs and Poems in Celebration of Robert Burns (for around January 25th)

Some of the  world's most beautiful poetry set to music, along with other traditional Scottish melodies that will have you looking out your tartan socks.


The Great Irish Sing-Along (for around St Patrick's Day) is a show full of fun, irreverence and wonderful old melodies that will get your toes tapping and your vocal chords a-vibrating!

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