Ursa Update - December 24, 2020

It has been seven months since Ursa's stroke, and we figured it was time to give an update.  It has been an intense seven months of rehabilitation, as she works to regain as much mobility as possible, and her hard work is paying off. 


While her right arm is not yet up to moving a bow, she remains undaunted, and in classic Ursa style, she is looking ahead and moving forward. 


In January she will start teaching Music for Young Children in Kemptville, and she is continuing to work towards her music degree at the University of Ottawa.

In the New Year Ursa is looking forward to returning more to making music – getting back to singing and writing, and expanding her left-handed keyboard skills.  We may even try a two-person viola technique, with Ursa on the fingerboard and Glenna bowing. An experiment for sure – we’ll let you now how it goes! 

Help Ursa Recover!

On May 29th, 2020, Ursa Meyer, FHS’ multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, suffered a severe stroke, which left her paralyzed on her right side. 


She is at the Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital’s rehabilitation program in Ottawa working to regain her speech and mobility.

She has a Long Road Home ahead of her, but she is tackling her challenges with characteristic dedication, good humour, and hard work.  Though she has far to go, she is making progress faster than anyone had anticipated.  Nothing is going to stop this girl from Moving On!   She has Focus and drive.

We hope that it won't be too long before she can rejoin us on stage.

If you would like to help...

Ursa will need a lot of rehabilitative therapy once she is released from hospital. Fiddlehead Soup has released a single, written by Ursa herself.  What Happens When... is a song about dealing with loss. All the funds raised from sales will go towards Ursa’s treatment. Should there be an excess of funds, they will be donated by the family to help similar stroke victims in their own journeys to recovery.

Here is the link to the song...

To listen, click on the triangle. Clicking the price will let you purchase and download it. The minimum price is $1, but all donations will be welcomed. (But see the Or... section below!)

We thank you for your time and kindness!

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Or if PayPal isn't your thing

Another way to donate is by etransfer to fiddleheadsoup@gmail.com. Let us know by email if you'd like us to send you music as a thank you.


If you are new to the world of Ursa and Fiddlehead Soup, you are welcome to purchase our albums online - all the proceeds from those sales will go towards Ursa's care also. And you can enjoy more of her wonderful music! Click here to have a listen...